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Bean: The Coffee Story


Two blends are better than one. Our friends at Classic Gourmet Coffee produce what we think is the best finished coffee product in the city. They are the rocket scientists of coffee roasting and blending, spending time in the lab in order to ensure continuity in all of their blends.

We at GCB took our favorites from Classic and did our own experimenting and combining to come up with what we think is one of the best and unique blended coffees around. Always the same exceptional flavor our customers have come to love.

Just an Americano? or a 5lb bag to stock the office – we’ve got it!

Curd: Artisanal Cheeses, Classics

Cheese……We really love cheese. Whether it be a locally produced curd or an award winning international blue, we’ll stock those gems you’ve been looking for. Our cheese fridge is curated to bring in the best that the season has to offer in addition to our tried and true favorites such as cheddar from Ile aux Grues or that chewy Dutch Beemster you have to have.

The basic principles behind our selection are easy. First – we have to like it. As a rule, nothing reaches our cheese fridge unless we’ve tried it. This is the way we can give to you an honest opinion about taste, texture, ripeness and overall impression. Secondly – no modified milk products allowed. It’s that simple.

Stop by the shop, have a taste, request a favorite… this is what makes shopping at your local independent a cut above anything else.

Who We Are

Grain, Curd & Bean

Located on Dundas St. West at Gladstone Ave., GCB can be found between Toronto’s historic Brockton and Beaconsfield villages. A staple in the community for over five years, we offer fine cheeses, cured meats, dairy, locally sourced baked goods, condiments, snacks, teas and an exquisite espresso. Whether you are looking for something special on your way to a dinner party, you are indulging on your own, or you’re hankering for an Americano or a sweet treat, you’ll find all the quality goods right here.

We love sharing new things we’ve found – join us on Twitter or Facebook for news, tips, store events and product promotions.