Curd: Artisanal Cheeses, Classics

Cheese……We really love cheese. Whether it be a locally produced curd or an award winning international blue, we’ll stock those gems you’ve been looking for. Our cheese fridge is curated to bring in the best that the season has to offer in addition to our tried and true favorites such as cheddar from Ile aux Grues or that chewy Dutch Beemster you have to have.

The basic principles behind our selection are easy. First – we have to like it. As a rule, nothing reaches our cheese fridge unless we’ve tried it. This is the way we can give to you an honest opinion about taste, texture, ripeness and overall impression. Secondly – no modified milk products allowed. It’s that simple.

Stop by the shop, have a taste, request a favorite… this is what makes shopping at your local independent a cut above anything else.

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